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Animated advertising

Animation is a unique opportunity to present your goods and services in an interesting and modern way.

All of the best ideas today are told visually, and we create it and are a strong part of the global animation for marketing decisions. We will create unique animated videos for you that will allow you to be exceptional, highly visible and popular!


This is a great opportunity to present your services and goods in a clear and understandable way.


Animated advertising is perfect for social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.
Video is a versatile way to convey information. The human brain processes image information faster. Moving objects attract attention more effectively.
Therefore, you will be sure that your message will be noticed, understood and the text read.

If you run out of ideas for plots, we’ll provide some versatile examples that we’ll tailor for you. After reviewing the suggestions, you may come up with a unique idea and want to create a completely unique version.

Animated videos will fit:

  • deliveries of goods or services;
  • various instructions;
  • congratulations;
  • delivery of discounts and promotions;
  • various advertisements (we are looking for a team member, we sell, buy, etc.);
  • competitions and games.

Experience new opportunities, be fun and reach a much larger audience of users!

Animated videos are available in Full HD 1080p format, making them suitable for display on all platforms and channels.


We know all the printing
methods and their specifics.

The latest printing technologies - only with us! We will quickly and qualitatively print you a small edition on a textile or any surface of your choice

Printing on textiles

We know and are particularly familiar with the field of textile printing. We can put logos, various inscriptions or photos on various textile fabrics. Our technology and available equipment allow us to do this in both large and single editions.

Printing on various surfaces

Now we can offer you printing on plastic, glass, wood, metal with especially modern printing technology. We can print on round surfaces (cups, glasses, various bottles) 360 degrees, which means around all the desired round item.



We offer a variety of original design ideas.
No templates - only individual offers!

Our designers have extensive experience in creating corporate identity, layouts of various volumes of publications - flyers, brochures, catalogs, various packaging and other promotional materials.


We offer and implement various design ideas.

Our uniqueness:

  • Long-term experience;
  • No templates - only individual offers;
  • Professional designers ready to offer the most interesting solutions;
  • Innovative design solutions in line with today's trends;

Business gifts

Gifts are a very popular and interesting area of
our agency.

We offer to choose from more than 10 thousand. quality business gifts. We will prepare gift layouts, with your company logo or corporate style, free of charge.
We will provide professional and attractive offers.
We will produce and deliver business gifts to you in just a few working days.


Today we have prepared a great opportunity for you to view and choose business gifts from more than 50,000 items.
This year, our range of business gifts is presented in four business gift catalogs “More than gifts”, “Enjoy”, “Label” and “Cool”.

More than gifts business gift catalog is a carefully selected and popular item throughout Europe, which we will decorate according to your wishes.

Enjoy business gift catalog is a branded product that stands out with its special design and impeccable quality.

The Label Advertising Catalog is a well-known clothing brand such as Elevate and Slazenger throughout Europe.

Cool business gift catalog is a large selection of various business gifts from popular goods in Europe.

The unifying features of all these catalogs are the quality of the goods in accordance with European standards and the fast delivery of the goods.

Gift ideas are our selected ideas for business gifts, which are popular this year, high-quality, modern, but at the same time have a classic shade, so they are suitable for all occasions. Check it out!

Ask us about the goods you like. We will promptly provide you with more information about the terms and possibilities of decoration and delivery, as well as the final price of the product. We will make the layouts of the selected business gifts, with your company logos or other visual material for viewing free of charge.


  • Plan your choice and orders for business gifts in advance, because only then will the agency be able to offer the best prices for gifts and their decoration and the most favorable delivery terms. Unlike travel, last minute prices are higher. You will also be very limited in your choice of gifts.
  • By no means choose a personal gift - perfume, socks, etc.
  • The final decision on the choice of business gifts will be made by you, but also trust the agency. Only its employees know best the current gift trends and general customer needs.
  • Choose interesting, functional, modern business gifts, but also don’t forget to consider classic, long-popular gift options.


There are many different t-shirt models to choose from.

Here you will find the largest selection in one place. T-shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts for women, children, sweaters, sports shirts, etc.
We have selected what is currently the best, most popular and most suitable for you!


We are leaders in this field, so we want to share our experience with you.

T-shirts we offer. Here you will find the largest selection in one place. We have carefully selected them for you, combining the best quality and price. Almost all the models offered are stored here, with us, in Lithuania, so the decoration and delivery of our T-shirts is very fast.
Let us know what t-shirt model and quantity you are interested in and we will provide you with all the information about t-shirt models, as well as possible t-shirt decoration and delivery deadlines.

Convenient t-shirt selection
For convenience, by clicking on the name of the t-shirt model you like, you will enter the tillmoon environment, where you will find detailed additional information about the colors of the selected model, read the Lithuanian t-shirt description, size chart to choose t-shirt sizes.

T-shirt prices
T-shirt prices are indicated on the page without VAT, as well as we apply these prices for empty T-shirts when the quantity of T-shirts is not less than 15 pieces, one model, one color. In other cases, we always invite you to contact us and discuss the possibility of purchasing a T-shirt in smaller quantities.


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